Welcome to The Vault!

Hi there, and welcome to The Vault.  By definition, a vault is a place that is used to store valuable things.  We fancy ours to be a place where all kinds of useful information about finances, and well, life itself, can be found.  From lifestyle content, life-hacks, and information about your local community to easy-to-understand financial tips, The Vault will have it all!  We’ll do all the hard work of finding interesting things to talk about, cool links and must-have apps – all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the ride. 
So, in that vein, let’s talk about one really cool new thing – our completely redesigned website.  Not only is it where you will find easy access to the our great new blog, but it’s also where you will find a dedicated area just to Financial Education that lets you sort by area of interest.  We’ve even added in a video library with some pretty amusing shorts, because for some of us, reading is just not our thing.  And that’s A-OK, cause we all learn differently.
Some other things we have included in our new site are a Live Chat feature, so when you have questions, we’ll be able to provide you with answers more quickly.  We’ve also added gobs of financial calculators (haven’t you always wondered how much you would have to save to be a millionaire?) and made Online Banking access a breeze! Plus, we’ve taken the opportunity to tell you a little bit about ourselves and what we do for the local community and how our employees volunteer their free-time to help make the world a better place.
So, we hope you’ll visit The Vault often.  We look forward to sharing lots of useful information with you, and hope you’ll share cool stuff with us as well.  Be sure to check back in often!